Eye on reading between the lines

By Susan Gibbs

What if you need a special use permit or a rezoning and your request is denied because the supervisor with the deciding vote doesn’t like you?

What if your home is broken into and the sheriff refuses to investigate because he doesn’t like you?

Consider the following:

Bob Young and his wife Eva

Bob Young and his wife Eva

One candidate for the Greene County Board of Supervisors and one for the Greene County Sheriff are refusing to attend candidates’ forums sponsored by the Charlottesville Area League of Women Voters because they don’t like the woman who found the space and set the times for the events.

Bob Young, who is running for the At Large seat that Eddie Deane is vacating, announced September 8 that he “will not participate in the September 23rd Candidate Forum, sponsored by the Charlottesville Area League of Women Voters … because at least one of the event organizers in Greene Co., is also a political organizer and has ties to other candidates seeking various offices in Greene County.”

Young went on to say that he believes “voters and candidates deserve a forum that is not biased by event planners that admittedly and demonstrably support other candidates, and have not worked for organizations designed to clandestinely promote candidates.”

Sources say he is talking about Kristine “Kiki” Flaig, a local wife and mother who has done nothing more than find a place to hold the forums, and set the times.

Sources also say that Sheriff Steve Smith will not be attending because of Flaig.

Sheriff Steve Smith

Sheriff Steve Smith

This protest that Young and Smith are holding is not something for Greene County voters to take lightly.

The Charlottesville Area League of Women Voters, who is sponsoring the event, is non-partisan. It never supports a political party or its candidates, but it does publish non-partisan information on elections, candidates and issues. Its members sometimes serve as deputy voter registrars, assisting in voter registration at sites around the community and greeting new citizens at the annual July 4th naturalization ceremonies at Monticello. It does support campaign reform legislation at the state and national levels.

That’s it, period. The Charlottesville Area League of Women Voters is utterly transparent, so try as we might it’s really hard to see a problem with the forums—unless these rebellious candidates simply don’t want to face the competition.

After all, Young is holding his very own town meeting at 6 pm this evening at the Blue Ridge Café in Ruckersville—a move that implies a need for total control, a quality we should not be seeking on the five-member board that governs our county.

Or, it may very well be a gimmick to gain even more radio time.

Young was interviewed by Joe Thomas of WCHV Radio in Charlottesville last week for more than 10 minutes. According to gaebler.com, an online source for entrepreneurs and small business owners located at (http://www.gaebler.com/WCHV-AM-VA-Radio-Advertising-Costs++19477), a 30-second advertising spot on that station costs $25, so at that price, we can guess that Young’s complaint about the forums got him more than $500 worth of free air time with which to fire people up with his complaints and to push his agenda.

And then consider that this is not the first time that Young has been interviewed by Thomas and imagine money saved by his campaign.

Suffice it to say that Greene County voters might do well to very carefully read between the lines.


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