PVCC online course, Web Weaving consult, lead to economical Website

By Susan Gibbs

The thought of creating a Website for your business can be daunting, if not financially, then technically – but it is necessary.

“An attractive, sophisticated Website is critical in today’s business world,” says Valerie Palamountain, dean of Workforce Services at Piedmont Virginia Community College. “But for a small business, the cost of hiring a professional can be prohibitive.”

But it doesn’t have to be: PVCC offers an online course that will teach you how to set up a WordPress Website for just $99, and Web Weaving & Consulting LLC in Ruckersville will help to guide and complete the process such as where to host the Website.

Confused about the difference between a site and a host?

Think of the site as a house, and the host as the land it sits on, through which connections to all utilities run.

Instructions for building your house, or, in this case, your site, can be had through PVCC’s “Creating WordPress Websites” online course, without having to learn any special coding.

WordPress, according to PVCC’s Website, is one of the world’s most popular Web design tools because it’s free, it’s relatively easy to use, and it provides professional results.

PVCC’s course offers hands-on experience by having you create a fictional Website and blog. You will create pages and posts, add images and videos, change your site’s look and feel, and include other user-friendly features – in tech talk, a content management system – with relative ease.

In addition, “The students have an instructor available to help them, which is much friendlier than just reading a book,” says Palamountain. “At the end of the class, the student is familiar with the essentials, and has the knowledge to ask intelligent questions of a professional Web designer.”

PVCC offers additional classes for more advanced WordPress features, and WordPress sells upgrades, but once you have completed the basic class, you might want to turn to professionals for direction, to see what other options are available.

And that’s where Web Weaving comes in.

After you have built your basic house, Web Weaving owners Chad and Cat Denby can help you choose the additions – or additional capabilities – that are right for your structure, as well as the proper lot – or host – for it to sit upon, be they through WordPress or another hosting service.

“Most people gravitate to free Web hosting without too much thought, but there can be drawbacks to free hosting,” says Chad. “You don’t always get as much space as you need, you might be required to run the host’s ads on your site, or there may be functionality limits – meaning your site’s features will be limited.”

He should know.

Chad founded Web Weaving in 1996 because he noticed that as the Internet market grew, the newly emerging Web site development industry was confusing and overly complicated. It was for that reason he created a company that offers the time and attention necessary to consider the myriad available options and make the best recommendations for his clients’ individual needs.

Now, with clients all across the United States, Web Weaving offers personalized, cost-effective services to all types of businesses and organizations.

For more information on PVCC’s WordPress course, visit www.ed2go.com/piedmont/online_course/cww/detail/Creating_WordPress_Websites.html.

For more information on Web Weaving and the Denbys, visit www.webweaving.com.

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