Ruckersville printer aims for low prices, good service, and long-term clientele

By Susan Gibbs

“Everybody knows me as the printer guy,” says Rob DeLuca, owner and operator of R&R Printing at 8458 Seminole Trail, better known as US29, in Ruckersville.

But what everybody might not know is that he has been in the business of printing for more than 25 years.

Rob DeLuca, owner of R&R Printing

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, DeLuca “started out wanting to learn how to design and build airplanes,” he says. “I was attending the Academy of Aeronautics in Queens and working part-time at a paint store when President Reagan put a freeze on hiring.”

And the die was cast.

“A friend got me a job in a print shop. I knew color, from working in the paint shop.  I knew layout, and that’s what printing is about, color and layout,” he explains.

DeLuca stayed in New York, working out of an office in Manhattan’s Word Trade Center.

On September 11, 2001 he was walking back to his office from an early morning visit with a customer when the Twin Towers were struck.

“I was a block and a half away,” DeLuca says. “I couldn’t see through the dust. My pager kept going off, but the police wouldn’t let me get any closer. I lost 250 friends that day.”

DeLuca and his constant companion, at home and at work, Hooch

After that day, he packed up his wife and son and moved to Madison County, bought a house in Brightwood, and set up shop in his basement.

And then somebody told him about a location available in Ruckersville – just south of US 29’s intersection with US 33 – and DeLuca set up shop in Greene.

Specializing in one-to-four color offset and digital printing, he offers full service printing, direct mailing and design services, and promises to work within his customers’ budgets.

“No job is too big or too small,” DeLuca says. “I treat every customer the same, whether it’s a $10 job, a $100 job or a $1,000 job.”

While keeping his eye on both quality and pricing, he aims to have the fastest turn-around time in the area.

According to its Web site, R&R Printing has built its success on service; on “anticipating client needs and developing effective solutions that can save time and money.”

A few of the products DeLuca offers are: black and white, and color copies; business cards; post cards; brochures; catalogues; fliers; posters; and banners.

R&R Printing at 8458 Seminole Trail (US 29N) in Ruckersville

He also creates wedding invitations and birth announcements; letterheads, stationary and envelopes; manuals, booklets and newsletters; and labels, receipt books and pocket folders.

DeLuca prints menus for restaurants, and tickets for raffles and other occasions. He makes door hangers and door magnets and does laminating.

“I fill my customers’ needs,” he says.  “I listen to their ideas, do a design based on those, and then print, and, if requested, mail. I take a hands-on approach to my work, and work to build long-term relationships with my customers.”

He also designs, prints, and mass-mails The Advertiser, a multi-page flyer of his creation advertising “Great Offers from Local Places.”

“It’s a little local newspaper that helps businesses get business,” Deluca smiles, letting one know absolutely that what he is striving for, in a word, it to be “best.”

R&R Printing is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 6 p.m., and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. DeLuca accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover, and can be reached at (434) 985-9844. His Web site, which includes samples from his portfolio and a form to fill out for an online quote, can be viewed at

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