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What the heck is Agenda 21?

By Susan Gibbs Trying to figure out what Agenda 21 is can be mind-boggling if you search the Web, with groups out in cyberspace referring to it as a grand plan to impose socialism on the world. Granted, that’s a … Continue reading

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Greene supervisors have tough row to hoe

By Susan Gibbs The Greene County Board of Supervisors isn’t just looking at decreasing property assessments that might force them to raise the levy. Supervisors also have to face the fact that if tap fees for water/sewer hookups don’t start … Continue reading

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Recession, Sustainable Development may drive property taxes up

By Susan Gibbs Greene County property taxes may be going up – if not this year, then next. “I think we’re going to see a fairly good-sized reduction in overall assessed (real estate) values,” said Greene County Commissioner of Revenue … Continue reading

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